I don’t trade but since it’s sorta of a issue right now, I just thought of a concept for a trading menu

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I don’t trade much nor do I support it much either, but since it’s something that’s an issue right now in STW, I decided to make a basic concept for a trading menu to help fix issues like, people trading in a mission instead of participating in completing a mission, scammers, make it safer to trade, prevent annoying people from boxing others in a trading booth. In my opinion I don’t see how epic would be able to remove trading because dropping weapons/materials has it’s benefits other than trading. Trading isn’t all that bad either when you think about it too, high level players trade materials for materials in some cases, just saying. Also I’m not that great at making pictures on a computer so bear with me 🙂

I also color coded each section of the menu to help keep it organized and to help people understand each component, obviously there are features that I missed and this concept also has it’s flaws, I did my best to address some of them but if I missed some, feel free to point them out as well. Obviously the scaling on how much space each section takes up would probably be changed around, IF they were to add this to the game (because like I said, I’m not the best at making these images)

Link to trading menu, made by me 🙂 : [https://imgur.com/a/xifmgc7](https://imgur.com/a/xifmgc7)

**Where would you Trade**

* Dedicated social space for trading (and maybe some additional things as well)
* This sounds like a great idea in my opinion. The social space would be similar to the mission (or… social space? Building mission? I’m not sure what to call it) that we had last year for the challenge the horde, it was the one where players were free to build their bases with no time limit nor have to worry about any husks/danger coming to them. Instead of just having only 4 people in the social space, multiple players would be able to be there all at once. The social space would already be pre-built by Epic, or they could have a contest or something to see who would have the best concept for said social space, as I mentioned earlier this social space could have more functions than JUST being a place to trade, I’m not sure what other functions it would have but I’m sure you guys would know.
* Build the Radar Grid and Rescue the Survivors missions
* This contradicts the point I made earlier in the disclaimer, which was that one of the things that this trading menu could fix is the problem where people would trade instead of actually participating in the mission activity. However there is always a chance where the social space won’t be added (if they even add this) for reasons that I don’t know. But what they could do is that after the minimum amount of radar grids built/rescued survivors is reached, since they STILL haven’t made it where the mission automatically ends, players in the mission will be given the option to trade with other players to kill the time.

**Initiating a Trade**

* Walking up to the player
* This could be a problem to players who use a controller because they have a limited number of buttons they have available. Basically you would walk up to another player and by pressing a key-bind you would request to trade with them, on the other player’s screen a request will pop up, notifying them that another player wants to trade with them. If the player declines the other player’s request, the person who requested to trade would get a timer where they can’t initiate a trade with that same player or any other player. Example: Player 1 requests Player 2 to a trade. Player 2 declines and then Player 1 gets that timer where they can’t request another trade. Now as to how long that timer would be maybe 30 seconds? That’s probably too short but there’s probably better solutions to that to prevent people from spamming players a trade request, perhaps an option in the settings to automatically decline/block trades would be a better method.
* Through the pause menu
* When you press the pause button (whatever that might be for you) you can see the other players banners, and FORT stats, when you click on their name you could request a trade from there instead of walking up to them. This might be the better option of the 2 methods of initiating a trade because it solves the problem of console players not having enough free buttons. The same logic still applies with the requests from the first method.

**Ending/Leaving a Trade**

This applies to any case of ending/leaving a trade. When the trade is ended and there are items still in the “Offer” section, will be returned to the original owner. If a player disconnects (whether that was to glitch the system or not) the other player would be notified that the player has disconnected and the items would be returned. I can imagine there might be some glitches that might come up where people could steal the other player’s weapons by disconnecting or using a different method.

**Colored Coded Sections**


* Player Name
* Power Level
* Option to add them as a epic friend
* Option to view their profile (on their respected platform)
* Basically, it’s just… basic information


* When a player inspects a weapon that is offered by another player, the blue area is where the weapon stats and perks are shown (everything down to it’s finest detail, dmg, headshot dmg, fire rate, current durability, etc. Basically as if you owned the weapon and you were inspecting it in your armory/inventory)


* Space where the offered weapon/materials are put
* Now I thought of two things for this one, either it just shows what the player offers to other player, OR have it where both players can see the entire inventory of the other. When players are picking which items to trade, a small icon will indicate that the player has selected that item to trade, like a star or something in the corner of the weapon/material’s icon. However, having it where both inventories are exposed (for viewing) to the other player could cause some problems, as to which problems I’m not sure but I think just having it where you can only see what the other player has to offer is a better method.


* Nothing much here, just showing where the weapons/materials would be in the trading menu, I just made it orange to represent a legendary weapon


* Button that would be used to confirm the trade
* Once BOTH players agree to the trade, they would click this button and once it was clicked/pressed, the items that are offered would be locked, meaning that neither player would be able to add/remove items from the ‘Offer’ space. After about 5 seconds (or any amount of reasonable time) the items that were offered would be transferred to the other player’s inventory, from there both players will be given the choice to either trade again or leave.


* Button that when pressed by only one of the players, will end the trade.
* Any items that were in the ‘Offer’ space would be returned to the respected player and the trading menu closes, giving the other player who didn’t press the ‘Leave’ button an alert that would probably go like “(Player Name) as left the trading menu)”.


Any feedback is much appreciated! Let me know what you guys think of my concept of this trading menu! Would it benefit the STW community or not?

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10 thoughts on “I don’t trade but since it’s sorta of a issue right now, I just thought of a concept for a trading menu”

  1. Cool concept, but I don’t get the idea of trading. I’ve been playing the game on and off for a year now and am at the end of canny valley just on my own. Am I missing out on something by not trading?

  2. This would be a good idea.. cus this can enable us to trade our schematics instead of crafted items.. so then trading would actually mean something instead of being one big SCAM

  3. Epic was working on a trading concept last year but it was canned. I think it would only make things worse, it will legitimize trading as the main focus of the game which a lot of players already believe.

  4. Or just stop trading all together. ~~Trading is pointless.~~ I never understood the point of trading. You get a weapon that once the durability is used up is gone. Just find a way to acquire the schematic and bam you can craft as many as you want.

    This is not something we need Epic to fix. I fear if Epic tries to do something about this it’ll only hurt players who try help friends out. I give my friends weapons to try out all the time and vice versa. I don’t need anything in return.

    I WANT the ability to drop weapons for my friends to try out before they significantly invest in leveling up the schematic. If we as a community ask EPIC to “Fix” trading I fear they’ll fix it in a way that hurts legit players. Similar to “fixing” afk wargames.

    I mean at some point the community has to take some responsibility for the dumbfuckery that goes on in this game. Players created this issue. Players should fix it. How do you fix it? Don’t fucking trade people. Stop promoting/supporting/watching scammer gets scammed videos.

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