Middle Eastern servers aren’t helping

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So as you might know the Middle East servers are out and it was a joy to see, until we saw the ping. 180 ping?! And that’s for people across Iraq, Lebanon, UAE, KSA etc. This server is better suited for the Asian players as the server is in Mumbai itself [read here](https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/news/announcing-the-middle-east-server-region)
Is there any fix to it? We were better off playing on the European servers (60 to 100+ ping).
I hope a fix comes to this, a good chunk of the community comes from there

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2 thoughts on “Middle Eastern servers aren’t helping”

  1. Mumbai is in India not the middle East, that’s the problem right there, signal travelling a zillion miles over India’s infrastructure which is garbage outside major cities

    edit: that article you linked says the focus of the move is the Arabian peninsula players, if so, put the fucking server in the region, no offence to India but come on, electricity is only on for a few hours a day in many (if not all) indian places

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