Twine Peaks Carbon Copy

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I do believe that someone in Epic just doesn’t do their job as quality control. To understand what I’m saying, look at this image and tell me whats wrong with it.


*hint* look in the bottom left hand corner.

Did you find it?

Ok I’ll explain.

This is the mission info for a Level 116 Resupply Mission in Twine Peaks. Located in a Ghost Town. Why on earth does the About Ghost Town description say Canny Valley’s historic early settlement?? Oh could it be that we just copied and pasted the area from one zone to the next. More than likely. All the Ghost Towns have this exact description, as well as the Deserts. The deserts say Canny Valley’s vast desert landscapes.

Now i’m not saying this should absolutely be fixed ASAP, i’m just trying to understand how your quality control works when 90% of your player base is about to jump ship because you can’t seem to fix the rewards in Twine Peaks to make it actually worthwhile to do anything there.

How about hosting a private game in save the world for certain individuals who sign up for it to test out your changes and give you feedback. Like a PTS but closed and only available to folks who have applied through you and or you have chosen. This way your would eliminate about 90% of the errors that seem to occur every time you guys do an update for save the world. Heck i bet you could even offer then VBucks as compensation for their time and folks would be flocking to help out.

Please stop trying to actively ruin a game we love and have stood by for many years hoping against hope that you will finally get it right.

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  1. Lots of people from late-game twine have gone to BR because of the rewards being so dumb. Exactly what Epic wants.

    They can’t leech much money out of people that have what they want/need and know how to get more stuff (heroes, schematics, etc) when new items are released. At least on BR there’s temptation left and right for spending money (or at least the temptation to because they’re still trying to slow/stop vBucks income on StW)

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