Kid destroys $4000 TV over Fortnite.. (RAGE)

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Kid destroys $4000 TV over Fortnite.. (RAGE)

So today Owen goes through kids rage over fortnite battle royale. Destroying controllers and tv over fortnite battle royale. including faze mongraal.

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Video Owned and uploaded By Owen’s Dad (The Owner of this channel.) (PG Clean, Family Friendly For Kids, No Swearing)


37 thoughts on “Kid destroys $4000 TV over Fortnite.. (RAGE)”

  1. You said it yourself about 1,000 times, let’s just watch the video… so no need for a full explanation of the clip before we see it then tell us let’s just watch it.

  2. on the first clip those parents are horrible they just let him destroy the tv AND FRICKING SHOOT IT LIKE THEY JUST SAT THEIR TO THEIR SON HOLDING A GUN AND ACTUALLY FIRING IT

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