Why Fortnite looks “better”, after v10.10?

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Hi, I have a weird complain.

I have a i5 4460s, 2GB 750ti, 12GB RAM PC, outdated gaming pc, but still capable of running STW without problems, that means 120 fps stable, my graphic settings are all set in low except for view distance and post processing, it looks like clay and cartoony, but i liked it.

After this week update I realized that my game looks “better” it has better lighting, the encampments have lights, the toxic pool appears, I have the light thingy in the front of my hero, I SEE FOG NOW.

I have a screenshot comparision here: [http://www.framecompare.com/image-compare/screenshotcomparison/DL6KLNNX](http://www.framecompare.com/image-compare/screenshotcomparison/DL6KLNNX)

But I don’t want any of that, I have low fps when fighting husks and all around and it is literally unplayable for me right now

My settings remain untouched except for the hud scale, is there anyway I can revert to the way I had it before?

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5 thoughts on “Why Fortnite looks “better”, after v10.10?”

  1. When I went into my settings after the update I noticed all my settings had been raised above where I had them set, it still runs well and the improvement to the graphics was a bonus. Shadows had even turned back on.

  2. If you have issues with fps drops when fighting husks turn effects down to low, try going a bit up to retain some visual quality, i have a gtx 1050 and the most taxing feature is shadows post processing, and effects

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