7 thoughts on “Looks like I am done with Fortnite until season 11, took no skill to get this victory.”

  1. I got my Season X victory Umbrella today while playing Bounty in a duo when it was a Squads Mode. I was excited once I won since it was my second victory umbrella on my PS4 account.

  2. I got mine as a first-day W, and I went all out! I’m not very good at the game, and I die to sweats who don’t go to Arena for whatever reason on a daily basis, but this W was unexplainable. I was playing duos, both me and my duo partner went for a BRUTE, but neither of us actually got into it, so we booked it, they died, and I somehow clutched up later in the game with 2 HP duo-wipes. The main downfall of the opposition was that they got out of the BRUTE. I missed out on a lot of details right then, but yeah. (Please don’t put me on r/humblebrag, I just wanted to share what I went through that day.)

  3. On day one of this season i played trios arena and each of us had a mech and won, we usually cant win until the end, win feels like it holds no value, but atleast we can dick around now and not sweat.

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