73 thoughts on “Way Back Wednesday (Fortnite Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage)”

  1. I like this voice because he is less enthusiastic. He is more like, get the job done and leave. He is more serious. They should either replace it or give ray that tone. Also it bugged me when they put the dynamo on a second story outside wall.

  2. If you’ve seen those live streams they did when the game first launched, you’ll notice you even had to craft your pickaxe! And also they took almost an hour and half to build their ‘BASE’ for a dual Atlas Mission! That whole 2hr stream only has this one mission. They played 1 mission, for 2 hrs. Imagine.

  3. what pisses me off about this is just how little the games has changed. they clearly have had all the major components for a hell of a long time and all that is really different is superficial tweaks, and it’s still not finished!

  4. This makes me feel nostalgic, never played old fortnite, but I played a LOT of old rust, and rust and fortnite have one thing in common, before the game was released they changed the graphics entirely

  5. God I remember this when I was a kid, dang man I tried to make mutiple accounts so that I can go and play the closed alpha because I used to be a minecraft addict back then. This gave me a lot of memories I lied about me having the game early from my friends over at grade school, I rewatched all of the trailers a lot of times, and I was imagining what it would feel like playing it. I thought it was like a horde based game with no objectives and then Christmas came and I bought fortnite due to me stealing my rich ass uncle’s credit card but he was fine with it (although he may be rich he not give us money :’) ) and it was love at first sight but when the time passed I left the game

  6. The lobbers and flingers were asshats back in alpha as well, lol.

    Wonder if they could bring back older versions of the game to fill times like now when there isn’t much going on for an entire 10 week period? Would at least give us something to do and most players never played this version of the game.

  7. Love how you could actually see your character’s whole body back then, they should never have copied Battle Royale’s field of view. And the recoil of the weapons back then looked a lot better imo.

  8. Fortnite was teased in 2011 during the heyday of zombie games. I wonder what would’ve happened if they released it back then. Would we even have BR? Would the game still be active today? Alternate timelines like this really wrack my brain. I love thinking about them.

  9. First game ever which I played and got *graphics downgrades instead*. I mean… Look at the ambience, the characters model, and you could see also the good UI it had on some videos (we had there free weapon and skill bar a la classic mmorpg). Now we’re forced to only three weapons and skills that can’t be swapped, also more things which, considering the years than been passed, weren’t really improvements at some aspects.

    In short.. When the Fortnite Classic release? I want to play that game than the actual one.

  10. This isn’t pre-alpha footage IIRC, it’s footage from the alpha.


    Notice how Lobbers, Flingers, and propanes existed back then?


    Get used to them, they’re not going to remove the, just because it makes the game “hard” for you.

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