87 thoughts on “If Fortnite was Made by Respawn Entertainment [100Hours+ Edit and sold my soul]”

  1. Solid work, further proves both companies could make a real solid game if they weren’t driven profit above all else. They are screwing everybody for it too, the devs, customer base, etc!

  2. I’d buy this game. Good work.

    Were you going to add in clips of gameplay, or would that take too much more of your time? It’d be cool to see the actual game you came up with in the flesh.

  3. As an editor, it kind of grinds my gears when ppl put how many hours theyve spent editing something in the title of the post. It should be a given that editing takes a long time

  4. Missed swapping the Apex logo to something fortnite, maybe an ‘F’… and I was hoping when it said Select Legend that a screen of all 200ish skins was going to come up. Otherwise, cool stuff.

  5. And the skins would be different, and then the few hundred of them, would all have to have their bonues, and stats. They wouldn’t go through that kinda heck, but good job.

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