53 thoughts on “[CONCEPT] Loading screens as the lobby background”

  1. I would love this, another idea would be whatever season the loading screen is from would have that sort of ground on it and the season 7, 8, and 9 overtime loading screen would just be that seasons backdrop

  2. I really like the different lobbies each season. If they do this, I hope they would still have a default lobby that changes with the seasons instead of being forced to choose a wallpaper. Also, as a spectator on YT and Mixer, (especially YT) seeing the old lobbies is a nice nostalgic feeling, so in that aspect I wouldnt like this idea either.

    Still a cool idea though, and I wouldnt be surprised if this makes it in the game

  3. It’s a good idea but wtf is the point working your ass off and your work just being left out there in the world. I mean when is the last time epic listened to the community or a concept, anyway you can continue your concepts and all because they are pretty cool I’m just salty at epic.

  4. I always like and support ideas like this. But imo things like this and custom lobby music and.. Make you not feel the nostalgia. Do you remember when everyone was asking for the og music? Now it’s in game and i don’t see anyone use it. I support this but it’s gonna ruin the different feel of the different seasons. Just saying.

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