10 thoughts on “Ewok is a true savage”

  1. I am literally crying. Tears are streaming down my tiny face, making my face, clothes, and feet wet. So much noise, too. I had no idea I could make this much noise from crying. I literally can’t even. I’ve never not been able to even this hard before. I’m literally can’t evening so hard that my tears are thicker than Santa Claus’ belly fat. All these tears coming from me literally crying and can’t evening are inhaled by my mouth, causing me to drown. I am literally dying. I am literally on the verge of death right at this instant. This is insane. I’ve never felt this way before. I’m not just crying; I’m not just dying—I am literally crying, and I’m literally dying. Blood. I see blood. Blood is pouring down from my very eyes. I literally see blood. I’m laughing so hard right now. I literally can’t even stop laughing—it’s insane. Please save me, Lord. Please save me from this madness. I am crying, and I am in need of assistance. I’ve been literally dying for about 45 minutes now. Is there no end to this? I just want to meet my maker. I want to see the light, and I wish to see the darkness, both at the same time. Save me, Christ, as I am literally dying at this instant. Oh, as I live and breathe, I can barely speak at this point. In fact, I cannot speak at all. I am literally mute. I’m deaf, too, as my tears and blood have inserted themselves into my ears, blocking my hearing. I’m literally crying out of my nostrils. Oh wait, that’s just my body juice. Oh, how I’ve missed this.

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