Dan’s Decals Calvin Peeing On Playstation Decal, Xbox is Better Than Playstation Sticker, Pubg, Fortnite, Forza (H 6 by L 6 Inches, Green)


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  • This decal has a life expectancy of up to six years
  • Please refer to the Product Description for INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS
These Materials are needed to install your Calvin Peeing on Playstation decal on almost any clean and flat surface, such as a windshield, laptop, wall, or other smooth surface with simple curves : Water, Paper Towel/Rag, Credit Card/Drivers License, and Scotch tape. Before installing your decal, remove any air bubbles that may have formed from temperature changes during shipping by taking your decal into a cooled environment, then use a credit/debit card to smooth out your decal until most, or all of the air bubbles disappear. Then, clean your desired surface with WATER ONLY. (Do Not Use soap or other cleaners. The adhesive from your decal may have a hard time sticking to them.) After cleaning your surface, tape a piece of scotch tape horizontally to the top of your decal. Then, stick your decal to your clean surface. Now that your decal sticks to your surface, flip it up so that you see the back of your decal. Then, peel your clear transfer tape away from the backing until you can pull the backing away from the scotch tape. Then, with a credit card, start from the top of your decal image and apply it to your clean surface. Please wait 3 to 5 minutes for your decal to adhere. Then, slowly peel off the clear transfer tape until the only thing sticking to your surface is your decal image. (If your decal image starts coming off as you peel away your clear transfer tape, stop peeling and squeegee your decal with a credit card. Repeat this process until your decal sticks.)


Dan's Decals






Dan's Decals






Dan's Decals


H 6 By L 6 Inches


Dan's Decals