Fortnite: Battle Royale– Season 6; Tips and Strategies Guide for Kids and Teens; The Ultimate Fortnite Book


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Learn How To Dominate In Fortnite

Fortnite: Battle Royale- Season 6 & 7

Fortnite is hands down one of the greatest games out in the gaming industry. The game reminds me of the movie series The Hunger Games. The goal is to be last man standing against 99 other opponents. The battle royale survival mode game is free to download on Xbox, Playstation, PC, and mobile. The game is best played with friends and is extremely competitive. If you are looking to increase your chances of winning a battle royale then this book will do just that.

The game was released in September 2017 and according to Forbes the game has grossed 126 Million dollars in revenue. The game makes its money from the newest story mode released in July 2017. Also, it gets money from battle passes that you can buy on survival mode. In February 2018, Fortnite Battle Royale has beat its competitor PUBG in revenue by 23 Million dollars! This is great for Fortnite but this means that Millions of players are playing this game and have a year of experience on their belt.

The chances of winning just one battle royale has become grueling. It is going to take practice and guidance. There are many books on amazon catering to help you succeed in Fortnite’s demanding survival mode. This book will give you an edge in many aspects of the game. These are aspects that other books didn’t think of such as how to overcome Fortnite’s game lag! The strategies discussed in this book were researched by analyzing top youtube players and my own personal struggles.

The book dives into information about the battle passes, emotes, game modes, and much more! No matter what type of gamer you are this book will be helpful.

Current Six Main Games Modes on Survival Mode:

  • Solo Mode

  • Duos Mode

  • Squads Mode

  • Playground Mode

  • Team Rumble

  • Creative

What to Expect:

  • 6 Tips to help reduce lag and increase performance of console

  • Information on Epic Games Account & Cross Platform Compatibility

  • How to Build Faster and Smarter

  • Editing Structures

  • How to Get The Most Kills

  • Where Should I Land and Loot

  • What Are The Best Guns In The Game

  • How to Shoot Better In the Game

  • What Are The Locations On the Map

  • How do I Build And Attack At The Same Time

  • How To Build An Efficient Base

  • V-Bucks

  • Treasure Chest Locations

  • Descriptions of Best Map Locations

  • What Materials Are Best for Different Structures and Situations

  • There’s Much More Everything From Beginner to Advanced Tips

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